IWY Sponsored Charities

Sole sponsor of the Charles and Mary O'Melia Distinguished Lectureship in John Hopkins University's Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (DoGEE). Charlie O'Melia, who passed away in 2010, was Chen's advisor for post-doc research and a terrific person. He is missed very much. Chen is working with JHU to make the lectureship endowed. Read more about the 2016 Charles and Mary O'Melia Lecture in Environmental Science speaker Marc Edwards and topic: "The Washington D.C. Lead Crisis (2001-2004): Prelude to Flint 2015" by clicking here.

Chen sits on the board of directors for the UNCCH SPH foundation. He earned his PhD at UNC Chapel Hill under Dr. Phil Singer. Dr. Singer announced his retirement in December 2011. Chen is working on fundraising to honor Dr. Singer with a Phillip C. Singer Distinguished Professorship recurring award.

Chen is a navigator for the Living Classrooms Foundation. The founder of Living Classrooms Foundation, James Piper Bond, is a fellow UNCCH Tar Heel. Living Classrooms is one of the best non-profit organizations dedicated to at-risk urban youth in Baltimore, MD and Washington DC. Angie has many fond memories of attending Living Classrooms summer camps in her youth.

Chen is a generous donor to the Gannett Fleming Scholarship Fund.

Chen's high school alma mater and where his parents both taught for more than 10 years. A scholarship fund has been set up at the school in honor of Chen's parents. It is the only "national" high school with boarding students in Taiwan.