About IWY

The Invest With Yen (IWY) Newsletter started in 1996 to provide friends of Chen-yu Yen with investment tips that Chen-yu had done research on and believed to be good investment vehicles and tools. Over the years, the IWY strategy has proven to be very successful. With the advent of internet, we have decided to launch a web site to share the methods/strategy with a much bigger audience. Why do we want to share these hard researched results with the world? Because the traditional Wall Street investment advisory community has been too greedy and too corrupt to help the general masses. The US society needs everyone to be literate with financial matters and with investment to survive. Our school systems have never provided the necessary education. In addition, this world can only work well when we infect people with the idea of helping others when they can. Therefore, IWY has decided to make its mission to:

  • Provide good information on how to invest for the long term
  • Strive to beat the professional investment advisors over the long term
  • Ask whomever benefits from IWY to pay forward by helping others